Amy Schumer talk dirty

Well, that’s awkward! Amy Schumer didn’t hold anything back while discussing her new film ‘Trainwreck’ in Australia on July 21. Turns out, her sex scene with professional wrestler John Cena got a little too real for comfort. Or was it?

Get ready, because our favorite funny girl is at it again! Amy Schumer, 34, left the hosts of Australia’s The Project talk show in stitches on July 21 when she revealed some rather revealing details about her buzzed-about sex scene with professional wrestler John Cena, 38, in the new film Trainwreck. Turns out, Cena wasn’t exactly acting during the scene’s taping — he was “actually doing…it!” Get the full joking details of the interview here!

When asked how she was able to keep a straight face during the awkward bedroom scene Schumer admitted jokingly that it wasn’t too difficult given the fact that the WWE star had completely forgotten that he was supposed to be acting. “He was actually inside me,” Amy replied. “Apparently wrestlers, they’re not faking!” “He didn’t understand the whole acting thing,” pipped in her comedic partner-in-crime Bill Hader, “it was his first sex scene.”

Clearly Schumer was her usual joking self talking about the best scene in Trainwreck and she was just having fun with things. John Cena didn’t really have sex with her, he is just a great actor and provided some serious laughs, if you haven’t seen the film yet you must see it for this scene alone!

For those who have yet to see the film, the scene at hand features Amy and John attempting to talk dirty to each other in bed. “I was coming out of the gym, I’d just done a huge squat workout, had those short shorts on, my legs were throbbing…,” says John’s character. “Ok, you’re just describing yourself,” replies a seemingly unimpressed Amy before the pair reach climatic heights. It is a pretty memorable and brilliant scene to say the least.

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