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Night Motion

Rita Ora  an animated image of Rita Ora.

They say that there are some cities in the world that never sleep and are in motion 24 hours a day. This is certainly apparent at night in a big cosmopolitan city with millions of lights on and millions of people still going on about their business despite the late hour. We dedicate this effect to a vibrant city full of motion experiencing a dynamic night life. Place your picture on a billboard in a busy city district at night and experience the motion of a city that never sleeps.


Can you remember the last Rita Ora song you heard? Are you 100% sure it was her, and not Little Mix or the one off the yogurt adverts, Nicole Scherzinger I think her name is.

What song did you think of, was it ‘Hot Right Now’? That one with DJ Fresh from about five years ago? It probably was wasn’t it. Five years ago is a lifetime in popular music. There’s a slight chance Rita Ora knows this, and she has taken to lingerie modelling to make some extra cash in time for Christmas to avoid the risk of becoming out of pocket in the festive season.

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