Abigail Ratchford leaked gallery

Abigail Ratchford leaked gallery

When you use the internet in a random way, you’ll find yourself rediscovering the power of this beast. So here we were, looking up some details on the Mini Cooper Countryman when this video pops up.

As you probably figured out already, it stars bombshell Abigail Ratchford and Mini’s SUV, both in quite a good shape may we add.

Sure, sexy girls washing cars is a game as old as rappers loaning luxury limousines for their new videos. However, what is rather surprising with this particular clip is that we think the internet – and by that we mean most of the tabloids – seems to have missed this one. Since we’re at it anyway, we figured it was worth sharing.




Abigail-Ratchford naked gallery does porn

Abigail-Ratchford nude does porn

Now, for the specifics, we found that we’re dealing with a lovely brunette from Pennsylvania who only recently got involved with the world of celebrity media. According to her website, Abigail has collaborated with numerous men’s websites and also featured in a film, and television shows found on ABC and E! Networks.

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So Here you think this drop-dead gorgeous beauty is just another of those models whose name you’ll forget the minute you close your comp when she could turn out the next Kim Kardashian. One lead to the other, and in January 2014, Abigail relocated to Los Angeles to further her career. Apparently, she’s also what they call “The Sweetheart” of tabloid outlet TMZ.

Well, we don’t know much about her future in television and, to be honest, we couldn’t care less, but we do know one thing: that Mini Countryman got seriously washed.

In what the model car is concerned, we are all aware that Mini’s SUV recently received a minor facelift. Changes include a new structure of the hexagonal radiator grill, underride guard elements for the Cooper S Countryman ALL4 and additional body color options.

Now, since we know that the US is one of the biggest markets in the world for the Countryman – in 2012, worldwide sales reached 102,000 units, 21,012 of which were sold in the US – we’d like to ask you guys if you find this clip worthy for an actual ad.