Marion Cotillard nue MILF 

MILF Marion Cotillard

MILF Marion Cotillard

Well, it’s time for your first Oscar contender release of the Fall movie season, Contagion, I think it’s loosely based on Bethany, this cheerleader girl who went to my high school whose dad was the uptight local minister but she somehow managed to give Chlamydia to four of the five starters on our basketball team during the course of one season (small forwards never get any respect). It was kind of like an X-rated version of Footloose going on there for Bethany and her ‘gina that magical year.

Anyhow, the U.S. film premiere took place last night and several of my underrated hottie favorites showed up, including the newly milk-a-fied Marion Cotillard, who was hot before, now there’s simply just more of her to lust, in all the right places, Olivia Munn, who just shows up everywhere now so that the fanboys can keep their spank bank accounts maxed out, and Sanaa Lathan, a vastly underrated sultry hottie with like ten degrees from colleges or something, so she’s likely too smart for me, but remains an unrequited dream girl. Enjoy.

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