Alexis Love huge boobs 

60 Year Old Huge Boobs. Video

60 Year Old Huge Boobs. Video

Joyce Gibson (born March 10, 1950 in Los Angeles, California) was an adult model and actress whose career lasted almost 30 years.

Early years

Joyce Gibson’s modeling debut occurred when she was just 18, in the March 1969 issue of Modern Man. Many magazine layouts followed over the years, not the least of which were two Playboy layouts in the mid-1970s, one with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She was often credited as Joyce Mandel. Her Russian-Romanian ethnicity provided her with a lush exotic beauty that added to the sizzling appeal of her large natural breasts.

The first re-emergence

Although Joyce Gibson retired in the mid-1970s, she re-debuted with a single layout in the June 1979 issue of Oui where she was billed as an Israeli “Sabra” named “Rina.” She was a smash sensation all over again. But then she retired once more, completely disappearing from pinup modeling for almost 14 years.

The Alexis Love period

Gibson came out of retirement in 1993, as Alexis Love, at 43 years old. She wore a blonde wig and primarly posed for Score and Voluptuous. The biggest noticeable part of her that changed were her breasts. Her breasts grew from 40DD to 48DDD. She credited “hormone shift” for the massive growth of her breasts. Many people assumed that she acquired breast implants. To prove her breasts were real, the UCLA Medical Center tested her breasts and proved they were 100% real. She retired in the early 2000’s.

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